This house is called the House of Seven Gables. This was the home of Turner-Ingersoll Mansion (built in 1668)and was the inspiration for Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel "The House of Seven Gables".

This is the Pickman House. This house is said to be the oldest of Salem, Massachusetts.

This is a statue of the founding father of Salem (Roger Conant) in front of the Witch Museum.

This is the Old Town Hall. This is said to be one of the oldest structures standing in Salem.

This house was where the judge of the Salem Witch Trials once lived. Today, it is called the Witch House.

This is the gravesite of Giles Corey. Giles Corey was accused for being a witch, but refused to be hanged. Instead he was crushed by heavy boulders until his death. This is also called being pressed. He was the only one that was pressed.

This is the gravesite of Rebecca Nurse. She was accused of being a witch. In her trial she pleaded innocent, and said she was not a witch. She was hanged anyway. Rebecca and a few others were hung on the same date.

This tree is planted upon Gallows Hill. What's so special about Gallows Hill is this is where they would bring the accused to be hanged from the trees that are there.

This building is called the First Church. This is one of the oldest churches to be organized in America.

If you were to walk up this pathway, you would be heading up to Gallows Hill, the hill where accused witches were hanged.

This is another tree on the pathway heading up to Gallows Hill.