The San Francisco Giants is a great baseball team, and their stadium is even greater. It opened on October 10, 1976.
The San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park is a fun and educational Museum to visit.
The awesome San Francisco skyline, with it’s rich cultures and beautiful piers, people in small towns dream about seeing this beautiful sights.
1.71 miles of beauty, opened on MAy 27 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge stands beautifully over the San Francisco Bay.
Established December 12, 1884, San Francisco’s National Cemetery now holds 28,952 bodies.
The tallest skyscraper in San Francisco’s amazing Skyline, the Transamerica Pyramid beats out all the rest.
San Francisco, being rich in its culture, has a great China Town. It’s a tourist attraction and going their is like stepping thousands of miles away into a bustling China City.
The Fishermen’s Wharf is San Fran’s Maritime National Historical Park, that serves up fresh seafood everyday.'s_Wharf,_San_Francisco
With it’s 10 lanes of highway, the Bay Bridge is as beautiful as the great Golden Gate Bridge. It's a main road, and it has a toll to pass over the bridge.–_Oakland_Bay_Bridge
Part of the beautiful Golden Gate Park, the Buddhist Pagoda brings peace to all who visit. Built for San Francisco’s Buddhist it’s a place of meditation.
It has clothing stores, restaurants, and even a movie theater! The Embarcadeo Center has 7 different buildings and all together 230 floors.
Home to a whole bunch of money, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco opened in 1924. It’s still stands today in a busy market central.
Victorian houses built between 1850 and 1915 still stand beautifully in Victorian row in San Francisco.
Home to tigers, bears, monkeys, and every animal in between, the San Francisco Zoo is an amazing tribute to San Fran.
In the hidden parts of the Golden Gate Park hides the beautiful Japenese Tea Garden. It was built as part of the World Fair, but stands today as a tourist attraction.

The San Francisco Aquarium has everything from whales and sharks to jellyfish and crabs. It’s beautiful blue waters and 180 tanks, you can see everything.

The Wyland Wall was painted by Robert Wyland, who is known for his beautiful whale morales. He has done several walls in San Francisco, and this is one of his most beautiful.