the yellow is the savannas
The savanna desert is very dry. In the summer the temperature can range from 60-82 F. And in the winter it can range from 78-86F. During the dry season the plants get so hot that they shrivle up and die. And the animals migrate to somewhere else to find food. The anual percipitation is from 10-30 inches of rain. From december to febuary it hardly rains. all there is for food is other animals. The savanna covers over 20% of the globe not including the oceans.One of the animals found in the savanna is the african elephant. It can weigh up to 10,000 pounds and be 12 feet tallelephants.jpgsome other animals that are found in the savanna are hunting dogs, hyenas, cheetahs and lions. world-temperature-map.png savanna.jpg