Desert climate: All months in the desert in any part of the world have an average temperature of 64 degrees F, Dry desert climates are formed in high- pressure zones in which cold descends. Approximately 1 in of rain fall per year in most dry deserts, the latitudes range from 15- 28 degrees north and south. The plants in the deserts like cactus, collect moisture from the stems and dew from the humid air.


Normal cactus from desert


There are deserts in California, argentina, ect.

world deserts

Mostly Brush and various kinds of plants that would last in the climate.

Some Wildflowers: * Ghost Flower * Mojave aster
  • Desert Paintbrush
    ghost flower

Mojave aster
Desert Paintbrush

Most animals in the desert have great survival skills, some do not:
Armadillo Lizard
: Good Survival skills

Wild fires, flash floods, ect.