Marine West CoastThe marine west coast climate is found along a relatively narrow strip of coastal Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and southern Alaska in North America. It is likewise found along coastal Chile in South America. The marine west coast climate extends further inland into northwest Europe than in North America due to the orientation of mountains. This climate is also found on the southeast coast of Australia and New ZealandThe Marine West Coast Climates near the ocean have cool summers and cool winters.


World map showing the oceanic climate zones.

Precipitation happens at all times of the year in oceanic climates. In the Marine West Coast climate it is very humid all year round.
It receives westerly winds from the ocean that bring cloudy skies, much precipitation, and mild temperatures.
maritime polar air masses are constantly coming ashore bringing mild temperatures and high humidity.

Animals in the Marine West Coast Climate include fox, deer, jaguars, squirrels, and lynx.

The dry summer in Vancouver is due in part to subsiding, subtropical high pressure lying to the south. Precipitation is nearly double that of London due to local orographic uplift of air. Milder winter temperatures in London arise from the moderating influence of the North Atlantic Drift.