Humid Subtropical
Where it can be found.

The humid subtropical climate is found on the east coast of continents between 20o and 40o N and S. The humid subtropical climate can be found in the southeastern U.S., southeastern South America; coastal southeast South Africa, eastern Australia, eastern Asia from northern India through south China to Japan.

Subtropical weather is warm summer months, and cool winters. Summer temperatures are between 69.8oF to 78.8oF and no winter is below 32oF.

Yearly precipitation comes from 100 inches on the coast and 25 inches inland. Frost is generally only a problem in winter when very cold air masses go into this region, this region is a real hazard for fruit and vegetable growers in the southeastern U.S.

Type of vegetation in the Humid Subtropical

They have forests of two different trees the broad-leaf and needle-leaf. The broad-leaf evergreen forest often has a nice lower layer of vegetation. Like ferns, small palms, shrubs, tall grasses and herbaceous plants.

Subtropical Region Map

This is some of the types of vegetation you would find. Small palms, shrubs and tall grass.

Sidewinder Rattlesnake- one of the very many animals in the subtropicals.

Spotted Hyaena

Ostrich with zebras in the background. They are on one of the many long grassed plains.

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