The climate of the Arctic is classified as polar. It is characterized by long, cold winters and short, cool summers. Polar climate may be further subdivided into tundra climate, the warmest month has an average temperatures of -50°F to 32°F. There is a permanent snow cover. Precipitation, almost entirely in the form of snow, is very low, with the annual average precipitation for the regions less than 20 in. All year temperature average is around 32 degrees Fahrenheit. A place in America that has these arctic temperatures is Alaska. The polar bears are dying, because of the melting ice caps. The coldest the temperature on record is -129 degrees fahrenheit, on July 21, 1983. The warmest it has ever been is 59 degrees fahrenheit.
This Is A Picture of The Arctic Ice In Greenland.

There is snow on the ground in most places all year round.
This Is A Picture Of An Arctic Willow.

Plants do grow here, that have adapted to the cold conditions, but only few types, are edable.
This Is A Picture Of An Arctic Fox. These Foxes Are Found More Toward The Land, Where The Vegetation Is.

This Is A Picture Of An Arctic Polar Bear.

The Arctic Polar Bears Are Found On The Polar Ice Caps.