A biome area explained by it's grassland plain without any trees. It may be desert, grass, shrubs, or grass and shrubs. external image 200px-Mongolia_Ger.jpgexternal image 200px-Mongolia_Ger.jpg200px-Windbreakers_altai_steppe.jpg
This term is also used to describe an area in the world where it is too dry to grow trees.
This is a snowy tundra steppe in Siberia
In the summer it can get up to 104 Degrees F. In the winter it can go down to -40 F. Some mid-latitude steppes experience 10-20 inches of rainfall or snow per year.

This is a grassy steppe in Mongolia This is a shrubby steppe in Uzbekistan.

There is a very large steppe in North America (Prairie) and in Western Canada. This High plains steppe is in the most Western part of the Great Plains055.jpg
This is a picture of the North American Steppe which goes on for miles because t is part of the Great Plains

This is a picture of a boy herding sheep in the giant steppe of Tyva, Russia. This Steppe spands for about 5,000 miles from Europe to China. This steppe gets about 10-20 inches of rainfall each year. These treeless areas take up 15% of the Earth's surface. It can go from 90 F. to -45 F.