A monsoon is a seasonal shift in the prevailing wind direction, that usually brings a different kind of weather. The constant wind flow is driven by a warm air mass with low pressure that forms over the continent as it is warmed by the sun. Air from the relatively higher pressure air mass over the ocean flows toward the low pressure over land. Creating large amounts of rain and precipitation in some areas and complete drought in others. Monsoon weather brings alot of rain and high winds or very little rain monsoon-trivandrum-392870-sw_Kl52GbrmvsSE.jpg
asia_climate.gifMonsoons occur over near asia mostly. In the U.S. there are milder forms of monsoons in the arizona new mexico area.The tempature and rain fall vary depending on how strong the monsoon is or how long it lasts.
In the heavy rain area there are lot of vegetation and were there's less rain it usually forms like a desert.