This is another character that walks around at the park. He is also available to take pictures with
In this picture is "Storm runner." It is very popular and is a very thrilling ride.
These are street signs in Hershey Pennsylvania. It is a highly photographed street sign.

This is a picture of the Amusement park in Hershey. It is full of a lot of fun rides
Here is a picture of the museum. INside you can learn about the history of Hershey.

This is a picture showing how all of the street lights are in Hershey. They have Hershey kisses on top of each light.

This is a picture of the Reese's character that walks around and is there for autographs and pictures.

The Hershey Story is a place that you can go in and learn about the towns story and how it became a town. It has many things offered to learn about.

This is a picture of the smoke stacks on the factory. They have been there since the factory first opened with Milton Hershey.

This is the electronic sign in front of Hershey Park. It has upcoming events on it to notify the costumers
You can buy merchandise like this i the amusement parks gift shop. It is just one of the many novelty items you can buy there.
This is a assortment of candy's produced at the Hershey Factory. They are all very popular candies.
This is a map of the Amusment park. You can find these maps all over the park that way you can find out where to go in the park.
This is a counter of how much HErshey bars, reese's, kisses, kitkat, york candies. It shows everyone how much they produced, it is at the end of the tour that they show you.
This is a chocolate dollar. You can use them all over the park and buy items with them. They have different ones for each year.

THis is a photo of inside the factory. It is the assembly line where they are produced and packaged.
This is a picture of "chocolate therapy" and that is where that get in a tub filled with melted butter. Then they have there picture taken.

This is a picture of The Hershey Hotel. It is a nice and highly visited hotel. It was built during the great depression.
This is the entrance to the Park. It says "welcome to Hershey Park Est. 1907. This is how you enter the park.
This is the town from back when in the 1930's. The Hershey family founded the town. You can see the smoke stacks of the factory.